Quit Smoking For Good And Be A Role Model To Your Children

We know the kind of health issues involved with smoking and that it’s better to quit smoking for good. Every research done on smoking comes up with only one finding that illness related to smoking causes a lot of health disasters. When you decide to quit smoking, you are choosing health over other things.

This article will inform you about the major illnesses caused by smoking which will hopefully encourage you to quit smoking for good and set a quit smoking timeline for yourself.

Cancer – It’s known to everyone now that the main cause of lung cancer is smoking. Along with lung cancer are the other types of cancer occurring on the larynx, pharynx, mouth, pancreas, stomach, and kidney. Leukemia can also occur.

Apart from different forms of cancer that can come by your way, the other things that can affect you are forms of lung diseases, blindness, heart attacks and other things. Beyond that, there is always a risk involved for to-be mothers and kids. But the most important thing that you are losing is your healthy years.

Why is it important to quit smoking for good? The day you decide to stop the smoking habit or the day you lay nicotine to rest from your life, you have chosen a healthy life for yourself. A lot of research done by the medical fraternity have proved that people who have decided to quit smoking for good has lead a healthy life and have lived more than people who have not chose to quit smoking.

Some of the researches conducted point out the important things: Longer health and life benefits to all the men and women once they decide to quit; The people who have left smoking lived a better and healthy life than those who didn’t make such decision; The number of diseases trying to attack you would considerably reduce, thus making you healthy and lifts your morale.

Here are some of the instant benefits as an encouragement to quit smoking for good: You will get rid of your bad breath problem, yellow fingers will get back to original color, the plague in your teeth will start coming off and make your teeth whiter, your sense of taste will get better and better, your sense of smell will improve, you will be more active in your daily activities and won’t go out of your breath.

Also, understand that smoking nowadays is not socially acceptable. It would be better if you quit smoking for good as it will save the health of other people around you. Even studies have proved that secondhand smoke also causes thousands of death. Additionally, you need to set an example in front of your own children. If you personally ask any smoker, he would never want his child to smoke. It is a fact that if a child’s parents smoke, he is more likely to smoke later. So, be a perfect role model and quit smoking for good.

Dave Gwueddy, former smoker, discusses the steps one must take to quit smoking. Read more about how to quit smoking for good and what happens when you quit smoking.

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