Will I Begin To Look Younger If I Stop Smoking?

I’m planning on stopping smoking very soon for the benefit of my health, but I’ve been told that stopping smoking will also make me look younger. Is that true & how come that happens?

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21 Responses to “Will I Begin To Look Younger If I Stop Smoking?”

  1. cobbler_ Says:

    Yes, you will definitely look younger If you stop smoking.
    Smokers have lower levels of antioxidants in their blood than those that don’t smoke. Antioxidants in our body help in repairing damaged cells that make our skin look younger.

  2. rxing Says:

    not sure why but the mouth doesn’t purse(sp?) up as much and the lines around the mouth and forheadlook better, also your face will not be constantly attacked by the smoke which normally”grays” people out. your blood will also start pumping more oxygen into your system causing a “pinker” look assosiated with youth. If you stop, get yourself a nice chemical peel and microdermabrasion and you will see the difference right away. Plus Smoking is bad for you, your lungs , throat, hair.

  3. ayabrea_ Says:

    Yes, you will definitely look younger If you will stop from smoking.
    Smokers have lower levels of antioxidants in their blood than the non smokers. Antioxidants help in repairing damaged cells that make our skin look younger.
    Aside from that, cigarettes contain carcinogens which are very harmful to our body. My dad died because of excessive smoking that’s why I never attempted to smoke.
    I am so glad that you are now planning to stop smoking. ^_^

  4. MJ Says:

    You can’t undo the damage you have already caused but you can prevent it from getting worse. Smoking is not the only cause for rapid aging anyways. It could be drinking, smoking, bad diet, lack of skincare, chronic dehydration, skin color, over exposure to the sun, faulty genetics, or any combination of those things.

  5. Death Metal Album Reviews Says:

    Yes, smoking causes damage to the skin which will make you age more quickly. Whatever you do stop smoking. It is the best thing that you can do for your all around health

  6. peroxide Says:

    I dont know if the damage that has been done to your skin will be reversed, but you will stop any further damage being done.

  7. Char76 Says:

    I don’t think you will look younger but it should stop any further damage that is caused by smoking.

  8. fred405 Says:

    I personally believe so but cannot back that thought with any proof
    I have never smoked but do appreciate it’s addictiveness but in this age of technology I think that if you intend to give up why wait til “soon” comes along do it now and sure as hell you will live longer and benefit form a healthier life as a direct result
    Good luck with the cleaner and healthier lifestyle

  9. CHRiSSAY Says:


  10. Jane T Says:

    I don’t know how old you are or how long you have been smoking but I sincerely hope you stop. It does damage the skin- you can see the premature wrinkles and dullness in women who have smoked a long time- and that is not reversible. What is worse is what it does to your lungs. I am an RN and working in Hospice have seen many, many die from lung cancer. It is not pretty. Nicotine is a very strong addiction but do this for yourself and anyone around you who has to endure second hand smoke.

  11. moo_the_ Says:

    Yes and you will look and feel better.
    Sexy women don’t smoke

  12. OneBrick Says:

    You probably won’t look younger per say… you will definitely slow your already fast aging process by quitting the cancer sticks, though! smoke sucks natural moisture from the skin. if you stop smoking, your skin will not improve on its own, but it will definitely help you look more your real age. of course there are expensive creams that work after you finally quit. they will help boost skins moisture. do some research on ‘moisture retention products’ and ‘wrinkle reducing’ products. alpha lipoic acid is a good start. best wishes!

  13. jungleju Says:

    skin peels away and regenerates anyway..
    so yer over time it will get better.

  14. Raffi_Ki Says:

    yeah i gess.

  15. Soup Dragon Says:

    Your skin will definetly begin to look better. Drink plenty (4 litres) of water each day. This should help flush the toxins from your body. Take a sauna, (this will also get rid of toxins) Dry brush your body daily, upwards-towards the heart, this will help stimulate the lymph glands, before you shower/bathe. You’ll soon notice a change>

  16. lre Says:

    I don’t think you would instantly look younger but in the long run, you’ll see that because you stopped smoking, you’ll have less wrinkles and even whiter teeth.

  17. WP Robot screenshots Says:

    stop smoking anyway whats about yours lungs your health your future i’ve just lost my grandad to cancer and its the worst thing i have ever had to watch and he didn’t smoke god bless him i hope my kids don’t ever have to see what he went through in five months

  18. lil miss mischeif Says:

    quitting smoking will make you look younger but not as soon as you quit if you quit smoking and stayed a non smoker and we took a picture of you when you were 60 you would look allot younger then if you had kept smoking and we had taken the picture ! smoking takes away oxygen away from the cells in the body so your skin will look tired as not enough oxygen is getting to its cells also every time to take a drag on that fag you are pouting your mouth and dragging which will cause wrinkles around the mouth ! hope this helps

  19. yopy Says:

    just quit form smoking. drink a lot of water and eat fruits. for sure you will look younger by then

  20. Cness. Says:

    Well, smoking effects more than people realize– hair, breath, and their skin etc. i’m not sure if it will make you look ‘younger’ necessarily but it does improve skin.

  21. Sylvie Says:

    I won’t say younger, but your skin will look better after a while.

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